What the Centenary Means to Fans

As part of the centenary week celebrations, we asked the Supporter Liaison Officer, Steven King, to collect some responses from fans on what the centenary means, here are the some of the responses.

“I remember my dad telling me that Morton didn’t take any champagne to the final – they expected to lose – so when they won they had to borrow a bottle from Rangers!” – John M

“Some clubs have never won this prestigious trophy. So to know that our wee club have held this trophy aloft as winners is something that I will always tell my friends with pride.” – Gary B

“Proud to have won the Scottish cup and proud of our fantastic history for a so called wee club we’ve got a fantastic history that a lot of clubs would like” – Richard H

“I’m proud to put other fans in their place when they say Morton, win the Scottish Cup? Its a huge achievement no matter how long ago it was because there’s some clubs that haven’t won it, ever.”

“It’s the fact they’ve stopped the other side from winning it.” – Ronnie M

“It means Scottish Football history as Jimmy Gourlay’s strike was the first direct free kick scored in a Scottish Cup final.” – Brian C

“It also means Scottish football history in that the trophy was paraded through a town in the North-East of England before the winning side’s own fans got a chance to see it.” – David R

“It means hope…” – David C

“Pride” – Danny G