The Inside Scoop with … Robert Thomson

In our weekly website feature, a Morton player gives both an insight into his career and the inside scoop on his Ton team-mates by answering a series of questions posed by media officer Jonathan Mitchell.

Full Name: Robert Thomson

Nickname: Thommo

Time at Morton: This is my first season at Morton.

Any targets set for this season: I think, as a team, the target is to finish as high up the league as we possibly we can. On a personal level, it would be to get back fit as soon as possible and hopefully contribute towards this.

Greatest achievement in football: Scoring at Easter Road and Tannadice last year was a highlight. I was proud of my time at Dumbarton, managing to help keep them in the Championship, as the only part-time team in the league, was a nice achievement.

Best ground you’ve played at: Ibrox. Although, I have never been on the end of a favourable result there. Playing in front of a full house was definitely a memorable experience.

Favourite Band/Musician: It depends what I’m in the mood for; I’ll listen to anything. I think my ‘sing-a-long’ playlist that I have on my phone epitomises this. It’s got everything from Michelle McManus to Linkin Park to Stevie Wonder and everything inbetween.

Favourite Food: My mum makes an excellent lasagne, so that’s probably the top of my list.

Choose any three people to go on a night out with and why: Although he’s pushing 40, Jeebsy [Gary Harkins] would be one of them. The only downside to this would be that we would have to be going to Malones or else he wouldn’t come. He’s never out that place! I’m pretty sure he even got an invite to the staff Christmas night out. The second would have to be Andy Murdoch, especially if we were going to a karaoke bar – his rendition of A-ha’s ‘Take On Me’ is infamous. The final name on the shortlist would be Bob McHugh. But only if he brought his mum’s gloves.

Choose a team-mate to swap lives with for a day: I think I would need to go with Gary Oliver on this one. I’m positive he goes out for dinner seven nights a week judging by his Instagram story, so at least I’d be well fed.

Fastest team-mate: Jai I think, by a good bit. Although, Tiff [Scott Tiffoney] isn’t too far behind.

Slowest team-mate: Tam [O’Ware] and Forbsey [Ross Forbes] would be a good race to watch. As long as you weren’t in a rush.

Most skilful team-mate: Probably Jeebsy. He will skip by one or two boys and make it look effortless. Frank [Ross] could be a contender, as well, from what I’ve seen from the last couple of games.

Best dressed team-mate: Apart from myself, I’d need to go with big Ricki [Lamie], who’s always looking dapper.

Worst dressed team-mate: I’m going to go with Doyle for this one. There’s been a few times that he’s produced questionable footwear. He also wore a Gym King shirt on a night out a few weeks ago, which I definitely wasn’t happy about.

Team hardman: Everyone has been saying Jeebsy for this one and I’d have to agree. However, I threw him about in Belfast, so I don’t know if that makes it me by default.

Best trainer: Tidser. All the boys are great trainers and set a high standard, but I’m not sure there are many who wouldn’t have Tidser as first pick in a game at training.

Worst trainer: Everyone has their off days/weeks. Possibly myself more than others.

Best dancer: Tam O’Ware. He’s always cutting a few shapes when the music’s on in the changing rooms – and even more so on a night out.

Biggest joker: We have a good changing room and all the boys like a laugh, but I think in terms of playing pranks, there are always two suspects: Gary Oliver or Mark Russell and Andy Murdoch. I know that’s three people, but Mark and Andy never do anything without the other one egging him on.

Most intelligent team-mate: A few of the boys have said myself for this one but I’m not sure its much of a compliment – best of a bad bunch springs to mind. Big Ricki is more intelligent than he lets on; he claims that he was on the shortlist for making it on The Chase.

Least intelligent team-mate: Team-mate or team-mates? Because there are a few. I think I’d go with Tiff.

Biggest moaner: Gary Oliver

Tightest team-mate: Possibly myself, but I’ve got an excuse: I’m a student.

If you could pick a wish for a team-mate, what would it be and for whom: I would wish that Jack [Iredale] would stop pretending that he’s from Australia. He was born in Greenock; the accent is just a facade.


Image: David Bell