Staff Profile: Alistair Joyce

We sat down with recently appointed Club Secretary, Alistair Joyce to find out more about him and what his new role entails.

Tell us a bit about yourself.

My name is Alistair Joyce, I am 28 years old, born and raised in Greenock and I have two sons aged 4 & 5.

When were you appointed and what does your role entail?

I was appointed as Secretary on the 18th December 2023. The Secretary role has many aspects to it, these can range from ticketing to liaising with other clubs, liaising with the governing bodies, handling the club licenses, and dealing with player registrations as well as a whole host of other responsibilities.

What is your background with the club?

I was first seconded to the club from a local chartered accountant’s firm in February 2023 to cover for the club’s Accountant Heather Bowie. From February through to just now, I have been covering the club’s accounts as part of the role and when the opportunity came up for the club Secretary I applied for the position. Following the recruitment process and a formal interview, I successfully secured the position.

Being a supporter of the club, how have you found the role so far?

From a young age, every football supporter always wants to be involved in the sport they love and the club they follow so to be in the doors at Cappielow and working with the team it’s a dream come true. It’s been a great experience and I have enjoyed every minute so far and I’m looking forward to what is still to come.

What has been your biggest challenge so far?

I would say the biggest challenge so far has been becoming familiar with the processes that I need to work with in addition to my responsibilities from my other role. My aim in working for the club is to do what I can in this role to help take it forward in everything that the role entails such as the licensing and registration, membership etc.

What’s a fun/interesting fact about yourself?

A fun fact about myself is that I am a pipe band snare drummer and have won the World Championships doing that! My biggest claim to fame however would be that I have performed more gigs at the Hydro than I have attended to watch.

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