Stadium Update for Supporters

Following our match with Partick Thistle earlier in January, we have been assessing and taking steps to improve the entry to Cappielow Park going forward.

At the Cowshed entrance, we are in the process of reopening some of the old turnstiles that have been covered for a period of time. These turnstiles will be used for the Motherwell match, and at this point, they will be operated by personnel using handheld scanners. We hope this will help ease the congestion that has previously occurred at that area of the stadium on matchdays.

We are also working with the contractor who installed the new turnstiles to make them slightly more efficient in terms of cutting down the time from one person going through to when the next person can scan their ticket. This work is already ongoing and will look to cut down around 5 seconds of the wait to scan after somebody has gone through.

The club are proactively putting in place short-term solutions and we will, in due course, be looking at how we can better utilise the facilities currently available in the long-term.

Furthermore, in relation to the Scottish Cup match with Motherwell, we have been in dialogue with the BBC around the broadcasting arrangements. We have managed to move one of the 18-yard line cameras completely out of the front row of the Cowshed to an alternative position where it will not impede the view of the supporters.

The BBC have also worked with us on reviewing the size of the main gantry in the Cowshed which has seen an agreement on the width of the structure being halved. The gantry had been 16ft wide, for this upcoming match it will only be 8ft wide, which will not restrict the view as much as previously. We understand it will still affect the view of some supporters but given the requirements we have to meet; it is the best possible solution that can be put in place at this time, and we will continue our conversations with the BBC beyond this match around how better solutions can be sought to reduce the impact on supporters in the Cowshed for the long-term.

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