Skipper’s positive prognosis following ankle op

Thrilled club captain Lee Kilday has revealed that the ankle operation that left him fearing for his career today turned out to be a far less serious procedure than initially expected.

The 25-year-old defender travelled to London yesterday fully prepared to undergo serious tendon transfer surgery this morning after a prolonged injury problem had kept him out of action since May.

However, a positive final examination saw specialist Dr Calder reassess the treatment required, leaving Kilday delighted and looking at a more positive prognosis than he could have hoped for.

Speaking to, he explained: “It wasn’t as bad as they thought it was going to be. The surgeon, Dr Calder, assessed me before the surgery and went through the movements we went through the last time.

“They were really painful then, but it had felt better since I saw him and he was much happier with the tendon this time and [said] that he didn’t need to touch it.

“The operation was supposed to be a tendon transfer, which is a serious procedure; there is no guarantee I would have got back playing football from that operation.

“But after looking at it again, he said the progress it has made since the last time I saw him meant that it will heal itself – even he was kind of relieved at that because it is such a big op.

“In the end, he went into the front of my ankle and took the scar tissue away, which he says was why I was experiencing pain at the front of my ankle.

“Overall, he said it went really well. Personally, I was relieved and so happy, because if I did get the tendon transfer that would’ve been me out for six months, the season done, and I might not have come back from it.

“When I found out that might have been the case originally, I was in pieces, I was in bits thinking I might never play football again, so I was buzzing with how today went.”