Morton Club Together Turns 5

Morton Club Together (MCT) was launched five years ago, on 26 April 2019.

Since then, MCT has delivered many positive outcomes to move Morton forward.

The MCT Board says:

“Morton Club Together is all about bringing people together under the banner of supporting each other to create the best possible Morton. Because Morton is such an important asset for all of our community to benefit from.

The simple message, as MCT turns 5 years, is to say a huge and heartfelt THANKS to every single individual who has played their part, to date, in helping MCT to do its best to deliver on the above vision. These thanks go out to thousands of people. Every MCT Member, Patron, Morton supporter, community member, Club and Morton in the Community staff member, volunteer and in fact everyone who has engaged in any way in the MCT journey. Thank you.

As MCT moves into its next phase of playing its part in moving Morton forward, we open our arms to welcome everyone who is currently part of MCT and those who will engage with MCT into the future.”

In the five years since launch the following five key outcomes, of many more, demonstrate what has only been possible due to the support of the thousands of people who are being thanked by MCT at this time.

1. MCT has contributed over £750,000 to date to Morton Football Club, thanks to the monthly contributions of MCT Members and Patrons, currently standing at well over 1000 people and families. The vast majority of this money has significantly strengthen the Morton Men’s First Team budget. MCT is on target to contribute at least £157,000 this year thanks to its Members and Patrons and has an eye on growing contributions by encouraging more people to join the cause
2. MCT negotiated the write off of the £multi-million Club debt and the transfer of a total of 89% shares in Morton FC and the entirety of Cappielow Park into MCT, meaning that a debt free Club is now in the ownership of the community via MCT. A Morton that for the first time in many years is operating profitably. Critical for those who love Morton and see how important Morton and Cappielow are to the local community
3. Secured the Club’s Scottish Championship status over the past five years and, thanks to constant MCT monthly contributions since August 2019, including during the close season, has allowed the Club to offer key players contracts of more than one year. MCT has been key to creating a scenario where Morton can look up and start to think big
4. Without MCT, Morton would not have a Youth Academy. MCT played the pivotal role in fighting to keep the Youth Academy open in the early days. MCT has always said that youth development is crucial to the success of Morton. Without the Morton Youth Academy the current Apprenticeship programme, set up in summer 2023 in a partnership between MCT and Dalrada, would not have been possible
5. In addition to the ongoing MCT financial contributions and creating the fabulous relationship with Dalrada, tens of thousands of hours of volunteer time has been contributed to Morton by many MCT Members in the past five years. Another crucial facet of how MCT has delivered the above outcomes in its first five years

If you, or someone you know, would like to join Morton Club Together as it moves into the next phase of moving Morton forward for the benefit of our community, everyone would be hugely welcomed! Joining MCT can be done easily and securely today by following this link:

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