Man Utd boss Sbragia: Morton deserved a draw

Manchester United Under-23s boss Ricky Sbragia admitted a draw would have been a more fitting outcome of the friendly between his side and Morton reserves at Cappielow yesterday.

Director of youth Derek Anderson was contacted by Sbragia about the possibility of the Ton second strong providing his Red Devils side with oppposition for a challenge match to conclude their Scottish training camp.

And the former Ton loanee, who made four appearance for the club in season season 1975-76, was delighted with the test his group had received in Greenock and says he would welcome a rematch.

Speaking to media officer Jonathan Mitchell after catching up with George Anderson, Sbragia said: “George was a team-mate of mine here. Neil Orr, Bainesy [Roy Baines], Eddie Morrison, [John] Goldthorpe, and Mark McGhee.

“I came here for six weeks but actually dislocated a fibula and was out about 26 weeks. Hal [Stewart] must have had some contacts at Birmingham.

“With regards to today’s friendly, this was our third time at Largs. The facilities are good and the pitches are good, and we really enjoy it.

“We need a game, too. That’s always important. So I phoned up Jim Fleeting and he mentioned Derek and Morton. We got it agreed and were very pleased about it.

“I had an idea they would be of a good standard. We knew they played in the Reserve League against Rangers and Celtic and teams like that, so we knew it was going to be difficult.

“They were very committed and I thought the game could’ve gone either way. They had a wee bit more drive than us and worked extremely hard, as well as having technically gifted players.

“I think a draw would have been a fair result, to be honest with you. They dominated the early part of the first half and started really well in the second half again. We then made changes and gained the upperhand.

“It was a good test for us and gave us an insight of a different kind of football. There was no bad tackles, no animosity; it’s been a clean game.

“We got the goal that counted but I thought Morton did extremely well. So I was really pleased to come here. Would we come back? Anytime.”


Image: Gary Bradley