Interview with Robbie Muirhead

We caught up with Robbie Muirhead as he reflects on last week’s matches and looks ahead to Saturday’s trip to Firhill.

“Looking back to the Dunfermline and Raith games, they are obviously both disappointing. We had spoken about making sure not to concede first as you are fighting straight away and to concede so quickly, especially in the Dunfermline match, gives you an uphill battle for the remainder of the game.”

“I’ve never been part of a game where a team has scored so early and it’s not something that happens often so in a sense it’s a bit of a novelty but it will get their tails up and knocks your confidence a bit.”

“We’ve seen in the past when the team have gone down a couple of goals and I’ve never been worried, even looking back to the Raith game in December because I know we can score goals. Looking at the game last Tuesday, you never want to go behind by two goals, but I still had a belief that we would score goals, we got one back and I should do better with a chance at the back post and that would prove again that we can fight back from those positions.”

“Against Raith and Dunfermline we’ve had strong second-half performances, they’ve had to stay back and defend their box as they sit on their leads and it has been up to us to go out there and do our best to get back in the game, break them down and try to get the goals. We managed to get a goal back in each game, but we just couldn’t find that crucial equaliser.”

“Every game right now is important because you need the results now. I’ve been in dressing rooms in similar situations to the current league position or thereabouts when it needs to turn and right now, we really do need it to turn. I have full belief in the boys here and in the gaffer and Andy that we will turn it around because we don’t just become bad players overnight.”

“You look at last season and how well we performed, I don’t see how this group of boys can’t go on the same sort of run that we went on around this time last year. We picked up the three points at Ayr and it felt like that would be the platform to really kick on but unfortunately, it just didn’t pan out that way. I don’t think we played badly over the last two games but at the end of the day, we didn’t get the most important thing which is the results.”

“Last time out against Partick, I don’t think a 1-4 score line was a true reflection of the game. You concede the second goal and straight away you’re chasing the game which opens you up to the third so quickly after. We had our chances throughout the full game, and it could easily have been ourselves grabbing the second goal, but we didn’t take our chances. The first goal this Saturday will be the most important and we need to go out there and make sure we get it.”

“We’ve gone to Firhill before and got big wins in similar situations to the one we are in at the moment. The game where Oisin McEntee grabs the winner stands out as the teams were in similar positions and we needed the win so hopefully we can go out and get a repeat of that match.”

“As I said already, I have full confidence in the boys to turn things around and I think when we get back to a full squad of players it will make a difference. Someone like Jai adds a completely different dynamic to the team which we don’t have when he’s not involved. I believe we’ll get through this spell and push on for the rest of the season.”

Images – GBR Photos / Tontastic

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