GMFC Governance Update

As the club continues to develop on and off the field, we wanted to update supporters on some significant governance/technology improvements that have taken place at Cappielow Park supported by Dalrada Technology.

Firstly, with our insurance broker, AJ Gallagher, the club has conducted two thorough audit assessments which will help shape improvements required around the stadium. Utilising our insurer, we were able to carry out extensive Fire Risk Assessment and Health & Safety audits to identify areas where we need to strengthen day-to-day and operationally on matchdays. This will also be enhanced by the addition of a full dilapidation report on the stadium which will cross-reference some of the works identified within the two reports from our insurance broker.

We will now continue working with our partners at AJ Gallagher to take the next steps which have been highlighted in both extensive reports. As well as the findings from both reports, AJ Gallagher have also provided us with e-learning platforms for the development and training of staff in the building which will allow us to develop our knowledge on various topics across compliance and governance.

The club have also moved to improve our child protection and safeguarding processes by partnering with CPOMS, an English-based technology company who specialise in safeguarding software.

By partnering with CPOMS we will now have access to two of their platforms – CPOMS and StaffSafe which will allow us to further develop our processes and record keeping within the academy and club. With the addition of these programmes, the safeguarding working group and club Child Wellbeing and Protection Officer, Charlie Webster, will be able to move forward with industry-leading technology that will create a more streamlined and effective running of child protection and safeguarding at the club.

CPOMS and StaffSafe are programmes used by various clubs within the EFL as well as within the education industry.

In recent weeks we have also held positive talks with Fanbase about how we can continue to grow and develop the platform moving into next season. We have all seen the positive impact that the system has had for the club this year and we are working closely with Ali and the team at Fanbase to keep developing its use so we can further engage with our fans.

A further update on Fanbase developments will likely be with supporters in the summer months.

Finally, we have a vacancy at present for a Stadium & Facilities Manager. We are looking to recruit for this part-time position to help us progress developments at Cappielow Park over the short and medium-term.

It is clear to see that there are issues which need addressed within the infrastructure currently available and bringing parts of Cappielow up to the required standard and we look forward to adding this exciting role to the team.

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