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Favourite social media platform? Instagram.

Are your accounts private or public? Public.

Are any of your social media accounts verified? No, Jonathan hasn’t got me a blue tick yet.

Do you unfollow/unfriend when someone unfollow/unfriends you? Yes, if I noticed I probably would unfollow them.

Have you ever deleted/deactivated an account and why? Never.

How many followers do you have on Twitter/Instagram? 1,878 / 1,983.

Most famous follower? Sean Batty.

Any interactions with anyone famous? A few years ago Stormzy retweeted one of my tweets – that’s my claim to fame!

What’s your worst social media sin? I’m not sure. I never take pictures of food and I get embarrassed when others do it around me – so it definitely isn’t that.

Share your last DM with us … I’d rather not, haha.

Do you throw retweets/likes/shares around like confetti or are they hard earned? They are usually hard earned. Unless I have had a few beverages, in which case they are thrown around.

Funniest team-mate on Twitter? I’m not too sure, most of the boys this season are relatively quiet on Twitter so it’s hard to choose.

Which team-mate is the best on social media and why? I’ll go with Kerr Waddell – I’ve enjoyed a couple of his recent Instagram stories so he gets my vote. However, his recent picture to football-picture ratio hasn’t been great.

Which team-mate is the worst on social media and why? Gary Oliver is the worst. He’s prone to taking a video of people when they aren’t aware, and his Instagram story is just constantly pictures of menus.

Which team-mate is obsessed with social media? Derek Gaston – he only follows goalies on Twitter.

What’s the nicest thing a supporter has ever said to you on social media? I recently graduated from University and I recieved a lot of kind messages from supporters congratulating me, which was nice.

What’s the funniest insult a supporter has aimed at you on social media? It wasn’t directed at me individually, but a disgruntled Dundee United fan once described the Dumbarton team I was part of as ‘a bunch of shelf stackers from Asda’, after they failed to beat us at the end of the 15/16 season.

Share your last Instagram image with us …

Recommend an account everyone should follow and tell us why? Ryan Reynolds is a laugh on Twitter.

Have you ever have had a YouTube channel? Yes, I don’t post anything on it, though – it’s solely for viewing purposes.

Do you have a YouTuber you watch regularly? Not one in particular. However, I do watch YouTube far too much.

What hashtag should be used to promote this interview? #GetThommoABlueTick


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