Feeling Sociable | Gary Oliver



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Favourite social media platform? Twitter or Instagram.

Are your accounts private or public? Twitter is public. Instagram and Facebook are private.

Are any of your social media accounts verified? My Twitter account was verified a few years back when I was at Hearts.

Do you unfollow/unfriend when someone unfollow/unfriends you? Of course!

Have you ever deleted/deactivated an account and why? Never.

How many followers do you have on Twitter/Instagram? Roughly 5,000 on each.

Most famous follower? Ross MacLean.

Any interactions with anyone famous? Not as far as I can remember.

Have you ever gone viral? I actually don’t really post on social media a lot.

What’s your worst social media sin? A few of the boys say I post a lot of menus.

Share your last DM with us … A video of Ronaldo hitting free-kicks.

Do you throw retweets/likes/shares around like confetti or are they hard earned? Very rare for a retweet – needs to be good!

Funniest team-mate on Twitter? Not many of the boys tweet often so I couldn’t choose.

Which team-mate is the best on social media and why? Thommo can be good!

Which team-mate is the worst on social media and why? Big Kerr. He posts a photo of himself every day.

Which team-mate is obsessed with social media? Tidser. He just got Insta and he’s never off it.

What’s the nicest thing a supporter has ever said to you on social media? Nothing specific. Just praise if I’ve had a good game.

What’s the funniest insult a supporter has aimed at you on social media? Can’t really remember, but I’m sure I’ve had a few good ones!

Share your last Instagram image with us and caption it … ‘⚽️⚽️’

Have you ever have had a YouTube channel? Never.

Do you have a YouTuber you watch regularly? No.

What hashtag should be used to promote this interview? #WhatsOnTheMenu


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