Duffy: Falkirk performance was horrendous

Disappointed manager Jim Duffy gave media and communications officer Jonathan Mitchell his reaction to Saturday’s 3-1 loss at Falkirk and admitted his players produced a ‘horrendous’ performance.

Morton found themselves trailing by three goals inside 30 minutes, and the Ton boss said he felt his side were outfought for the first time in a long time and that it was the manner in which they lost that stuck in his throat.

Duffy also explains that he refused to make any substitutions because he felt the individuals who were so bad in the first half had to show character and bottle after the break rather than give them an easy way out.

He also says that so many players were underperfoming that he could have taken 10 players off – Scott Tiffoney was the only person to earn praise – and making two or three changes wouldn’t have made any difference.



Image: David Bell