Aulds introduce modified Morton football pie

We recently upgraded our matchday experience with the introduction of local bakers Aulds as our official kiosk catering partners for the 2018/19 season.

Unfortunately, there was a negative reaction to the quality of the pies after our first home match against Queen of the South, which we communicated back to Aulds.

Managing director Alan Marr explained:

Aulds pieces are produced with Aberdeen Angus beef which is fully traceable from farm to fork. One of the key elements of our pies is that they are not bulked out by lots of additional material; they are made with lean meat.

All meat contains fat and water, as would a fillet or sirloin steak. Pies can be bulked out with other materials, for example higher levels of rusk and, therefore, the fat that comes out of the meat is then soaked up by the rusk.

This is not the case in an Aulds pie and therefore the juices from the meat can remain as extra liquid if not absorbed by the shell.

The benefits of this are that, when kept hot for long periods, the Aulds pie does not dry out as much as those where larger quantities of rusk are used. It also ensures that you are eating high-quality beef.

Over the years this has proved a very popular way of making a pie and the Aulds pie has been recognised with many awards, including two Scotch Pie World Championships.

When a pie is eaten on a plate, fat from the meat is not an issue. However, at times when eating the pie from a foil and being hand held the characteristics of the pie can bring issues with dribbles down your football top!

The facts are that an Aulds pie is one of the pies on the market with the least additions of rusk and seasoning to the meat filling and the taste reflects this.

So how can this be avoided? Well basically it can be done by increasing the amount of rusk to the product to soak up the juices from the meat, ensuring the liquid is bound into the meat filling.

This allows the pie to be enjoyed with all the flavours trapped but may be a slightly drier eat. It will still be made with Aberdeen Angus beef and a slightly increase level of seasoning to ensure the taste remains the same.

We have since worked with Aulds to address the feedback received and, after taste tests involving Morton staff, we will now sell a slightly modified ‘football pie’ at kiosks on matchdays.

We hope the change will have everyone’s approval and ask you to continue giving us your feedback as we strive to enhance your matchday experience.


Image: Jonathan Mitchell