The Inside Scoop With … Scott Tiffoney

In our regular website feature, a Morton player gives both an insight into his career and the inside scoop on his Ton team-mates by answering a series of questions posed by media officer Jonathan Mitchell.

Full Name: Scott Tiffoney.

Nickname: Tiff.

Time at Morton: I’ve been with with the club since under-17 level [five years].

Any targets set for this season: I don’t set any specific targets really.

Greatest achievement in football: The goal I scored against Dundee United at Tannadice this season.

Best ground you’ve played at: Hampden, in the Betfred Cup semi-final against Aberdeen last season.

Favourite Band/Musician: In the tunes before games, Gary McF is a regular on my playlist.

Favourite Food: Italian.

Choose any three people to go on a night out with and tell us why: Conor Brennan. He has a black card for everywhere and anywhere.

Boab McHugh has a slight hands-in-the-air dance when he’s out which I enjoy.

Jai. You might not know if he will show up, but when his mum lets him, he would be there.

If you could swap lives with any team-mate for a week, who would it be and why: Forbesy always says he’s in a rush and I would love to know what for.

Fastest team-mate: Doyle loves runnin’. Jai’s also quick.

Slowest team-mate: Big Nasty [Tam O’Ware].

Most skilful team-mate: Mark Russell has a few megs in him.

Best Dresser: Tids. Ten minutes in Tenerife and a haircut. Always looks fresh every week. Lamie also puts in an effort most days.

Worst Dresser: Jeebsy [Gary Harkins]. Came in dressed as a human Costa cup once, all red with ‘barista’ on the back.

Team Hardman: Strappy. He wears joggies to training so he can slide tackle.

Best Trainer: Michael Doyle always tries his hardest.

Worst Trainer: Depends what day, so I’ll leave this clear.

Best Dancer: No one. Jai and Tam think they’re good, though.

Biggest Joker: Marky [Russell] and Murdo [Andy Murdoch] get the blame for most of the things. Gaz [Oliver] also thinks he’s a joker too.

Most intelligent team-mate: Jack Iredale can speak Australian, so he would be up there. Big Thommo too.

Least intelligent team-mate: Frank Ross believed Tam rejected a paintball scholarship in America when he was 16.

Biggest Moaner: Lee [Kilday] is always moody. Moans about his lunch most days.

Tightest team-mate: Ricki Lamie. He always takes the leftover cakes home on a Friday.

If you could pick a wish for a team-mate, what would it be and for whom: Forbesy to get a PlayStation so he could get involved in playing Fortnite.


Image: David Bell