The Inside Scoop with … Michael Tidser

In our weekly website feature, a Morton player will give both an insight into his career and the inside scoop on his Ton team-mates by answering a series of questions posed by media officer Jonathan Mitchell.

Name: Michael Tidser

Nickname: Most people call me ‘Tids’.

Time at the club: I think that’s me now at a combined seven seasons over two separate spells.

Targets for the season: My personal target is to play as many games as I can. For the team, it would be making the play-offs. Then once you’re in there, anything can happen.

Greatest achievement in football: I suppose getting a move down south [to Rotherham United] was an achievement. But a boyhood dream was to score at Ibrox. It would have been sweeter if we had gotten something from the game.

Best ground you’ve played at: Obviously Parkhead and Ibrox are the best grounds, but I really enjoyed playing at Tynecastle.

Favourite band/musician: Oasis are my all time favourites. I like a good mixture – apart from when Jai plays Joe Moses and Giggsy at nine o’clock on a Monday morning.

Favourite food: Italian is my fave cuisine but at home I usually have some sort of chicken dish.

Choose any three people to go on a night out with and why: My three would be Ricki Lamie, Lee Kilday and Thomas O’Ware, to see if I could mend the broken trio. Some would say Lee has more time for Enzo the dog than Tam these days.

Choose a team-mate to swap lives with for a day: Forbesy, 100 per cent – to see if he’s as weird at home as he is every day in the car.

Fastest team-mate: Quitongo is rapid. Wee Tiff can shift as well.

Slowest team-mate: I’m not the quickest myself, so I will pass on that one.

Most skilful team-mate: Big Harkins has lovely feet for a big guy.

Best dressed team-mate: Big Lam-dog always make an effort. Blow dries his barnet every day.

Worst dressed team-mate: There a couple of contenders! Big Gats just shades it when he wore his Time Capsule work clothes: tight shorts and a baggy jumper.

Team hardman: Big Harkins has been throwing his weight about recently. A few boys don’t want to mess with him.

Best trainer: Doyley, by a country mile. He’s the fittest boy I have ever played with. If someone does 25 doggies, Doyley will do 26 just to be that guy.

Worst trainer: To be fair, it’s a good group of boys. If I had to choose one, big Thommo would get the nod.

Best dancer: Jai’s got a few moves in his locker. Tam’s been doing the same dance for 10 years. Big Thommo likes a dance on a night out. And I once caught Forbesy doing the Macarena in the showers himself.

Biggest Joker: Oliver is a menace. You could be standing watching him do someone’s gear then he would swear on his mum’s life it wasn’t him.

Most intelligent: Big Thommo’s a smart boy, and Lamie would fancy his chances.

Least intelligent: Mark Russell is simple.

Biggest moaner: I like a moan myself. Jeebsy [Gary Harkins] and Forbes moan a lot as well.

Tightest: Oliver’s always talking about money. He’s the last one to put his hand in his pocket on a night out – unless he’s buying himself a Fruit Shoot!

If you could pick a wish for a team-mate, what would it be and for whom: My wish would be to see Lee Kilday – and former team-mate Conor Pepper – fit and injury-free, playing first-team football.


Next week’s Inside Scoop sees Gary Oliver put under the spotlight.


Image: David Bell