The Inside Scoop with … Gary Oliver

In our weekly website feature, a Morton player will give both an insight into his career and the inside scoop on his Ton team-mates by answering a series of questions posed by media officer Jonathan Mitchell.

Name: Gary Oliver

Nickname: Gaz.

Time at the club: This is now my second season.

Targets for the season: I usually always try and do better than I did the season before.

Greatest achievement in football: It has to be scoring at Ibrox in front of a massive crowd, that and representing my country at youth level.

Best ground you’ve played at: Ibrox. I used to go there as a kid and watch Rangers. It was a dream to play there.

Favourite band/musician: I like a bit of everything really, old to new music! Me and Doyley [Michael Doyle] have a good sing along in the morning on the way to training.

Favourite food: I usually go for an Italian but I’m not fussy! I can’t be because I eat Michael Tidser’s lunches every day.

Choose any three people to go on a night out with and why: Ross Forbes is a good laugh on a night out! Mikey Doyle is always at the centre of all the laughs. And Tids [Michael Tidser], if he’s allowed out, which is never very often!

Choose a team-mate to swap lives with for a day: I can’t think of anyone for this one.

Fastest team-mate: Jai is quick. I don’t think anyone else comes close!

Slowest team-mate: There are a few boys towing caravans! I won’t name names.

Most skilful team-mate: Mark Russell has lovely footwork and Gary Harkins can drop some moves.

Best dressed team-mate: Big Ricki is always smart.

Worst dressed team-mate: Big Gats [Derek Gaston] has been in his grandad’s wardrobe a few times I reckon, so it would have to be him.

Team hardman: Gary Harkins can go in heavy sometimes when he gets ragin’!

Best trainer: Tidser on his day is a guy who you would want in your team. Doyley trains hard; he puts the graft in.

Worst trainer: No one in particular. Everyone has had a bad day at the office at some time.

Best dancer: Tam O’Ware and Bob [McHugh] have some signature moves that always come out on a night out, so it’s got to be one of them!

Biggest Joker: Me and Tids are always on each other’s cases! But Marky Russell and Andy Murdoch are always up to something, especially to [wind up] Gary Harkins!

Most intelligent: Has to be Thommo [Robert Thomson]. Wouldn’t be hard with this bunch, though!

Least intelligent: Wee Tiff [Scott Tiffoney] isn’t the brightest. It would have to be him!

Biggest moaner: Ross Forbes is a grumpy old man!

Tightest: Hard one, because there’s a few boys who are tighter than two coats of paint, but I think Mikey Doyle wins this one. He would go to a different petrol station if he was saving a penny on his fuel!

If you could pick a wish for a team-mate, what would it be and for whom: For all the boys coming back from injury to stay injury free.


Next week’s Inside Scoop sees Ricki Lamie put under the spotlight. 


Image: David Bell