When Douglas Rae accepted the keys to the Club, he didn’t know that he was embarking on a journey as a cat rescuer.

Cappie was just a kitten in 2001, happily living with his mum and litter brothers and sisters the only interest he had in football was chasing the ball across the screen on the television.  Unfortunately for Cappie – his young life was to be completely disrupted when his human family moved house and didn’t register his microchip to their new address.  Cappie got out while investigating their garden, lost his bearings and found himself alone and lost using the main stand at Cappielow for shelter.  He tried to make a comfortable bed behind the away directors’ box which is where Douglas Rae found him.

He soon settled in to his new life, no more trying to catch his own food, with his new found best friends to look after him,  Marco and John Maisano and of course Phil Cannie.  He was living his best life.

Cappie wasted no time in growing his role, public appearances, dance offs with Nuts the Killie squirrel and the occasional friendly banter with a certain Panda from Love Street, all was well in Cappie’s world.  Sure there was the occasional over-zealous child pulling his tail, but on the whole it was a charmed life.

Until one fateful Halloween in 2012 – his life was never to be the same again ….. Cappielow was broken in to and horror of horrors – Cappie was abducted.  A frantic door to door enquiry was undertaken by the Police.  The local bobbies were relentless in their search for our feline friend, his hands and feet were recovered at the scene, his head in a nearby garden.  However his body remained missing for a full week following the incident.

It was a local fan who came to our feisty feline’s rescue.  We received a telephone call late on a Friday evening letting us know that he’d been found at the side of Octavia Court.

Worse for the wear and feeling very, very sorry for himself, Cappie took time to make a full recovery.  However only absent from Cappielow for one home game, he felt he couldn’t let his loyal followers down.  He’d received so many good wishes – the Paisley Panda had even dropped by with some Dreamies and a get well card.

His comeback was made on a stretcher at the Partick Thistle game to rapturous applause.  He hasn’t let the fame go to his head, he’s still the same level headed kittie that he always was, he doesn’t sleep in the tannoy room any more though!

He’s not the only cat to reside at Cappielow, over the years he’s had a couple of visitors.  There was Dave – also found in the main stand, re-homed and renamed Harry, then there was our international visitor in 2015.  Just before the last game of the season Maunzli who was living with her owners on a yacht at the marina, crossed the main road to visit and found herself well and truly stuck in the main stand.  Mark Farrell, Gillian Donaldson and Susan Burns dismantled a wall to release her and re-unite her with her owners.  Two weeks later we had fox cubs in visiting who had to be captured by the SSPCA.  We’ve since asked Cappie to stop inviting his friends round when we are out.  They are far too inquisitive for their own good.

He’s great pals with the Physio’s dog Clyde who likes nothing more than to run about the park with him…..just don’t tell Mark the groundsman!  All in all Cappie really is living his best life.  Much loved by the staff, players and fans alike he’ll be at Cappielow for many years to come.

Cappie the Cat


Cappie the Cat



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