Season Ticket and Gate Prices for season 2016/2017

The board are delighted to announce that we have decided to focus on supporting our loyal fans; old and new with high value access to matches this forthcoming season.

  • The season ticket price if bought at the early bird rate (by July 10th 2016) would equate to £13.88 per match / £15 per match non early bird rate
    • Adult price £270 – early Bird £250 (£20 Discount)
  • Not only are we keeping this adult season ticket price to a minimum we are also abolishing match entry prices for all League matches for Children under 12 who are accompanied by an adult.
    • Therefore a parent and 2 children U12 is only £13.88, we believe this is very good value
  • The season ticket for children aged 12-16 is only £35 and this equates to £1.94 per match compared to £3 for a 12-16 year old on a per match basis.
  • On listening to supporters – We will also introduce a nine Match Season Ticket for those supporters who are regular attenders but cannot commit to every match due to family, work, shift patterns etc. For these supporters we are offering a nine match season ticket where you can pick and choose your nine league games across the full season – equivalent of £16 per match
  • One off match day cash entry will be £20, however all attendees will have the chance to access the match for £18 if bought prior to matchday from the usual outlets.
    • NOTE – The additional £2 will be invested in Youth Development


Here at Cappielow, we strive to offer the best value tickets for our fans and that is why we were one of the least expensive venues in the championship last season. However, in order to address rising costs whilst offering value to supporters, the board believe that the most beneficial resolution is to modify the pricing structure moving forward. We trust that our fan base understand and will embrace this decision. The board makes every effort to protect our supporters and we will continue to do so by implementing measures to best benefit our loyal fans.

We are also looking at ways of streamlining and modernising how we charge for admission and in the coming months will focus very much on trying to encourage as many of our fans to pay in advance for matches either through season tickets or by purchasing tickets ahead of the game. Initially advance tickets for all home games will be available from the club or from Smiths of Greenock.

We will also consult with fans to see whether there is any demand to develop online purchasing via our new website as well as investigating the use of barcode scanners at the turnstiles.

We are also aware that our fans visiting other grounds have to pay more for entry than they do at Cappielow. Conversely, visiting fans pay less to come to Cappielow than they do to get into their own grounds.

Another factor that has caught our attention is that a high proportion – higher than almost any other championship club – of pay at the gate fans are concessions. We have had our attention drawn to a number of actual and possible abuses of this and so feel we have to address this area also.

With all this in mind, we will be implementing the following:

  1. The main pay at the gate price for league matches in the coming season will be £20. Cup matches will be assessed separately on a per match basis but with a view to a reduced price reflecting any recommended pricing from the SPFL or SFA. The maximum payable will be £20.
  2. Adult tickets purchased in advance will be £18. These will be available at the club and at Smiths of Greenock but will not be available at the ground on the day of any match.
  3. The additional £2 between pay at gate and advance price will be invested in Youth Development, assisting with the long term vision and a sustainable club
  4. There will be no pay at the gate facilities for concessions and all reduced price entrants must purchase tickets in advance and produce evidence of their concessionary entitlement at the time of purchase. We will look at the best way to supply concessionary tickets to visiting clubs in advance so that their genuine concession entitled fans are not disadvantaged, probably by issuing tickets in advance for sale by visiting clubs.
  5. Season ticket prices will be held broadly at last season’s price with the exception of concessionary tickets which will rise but will still represent good value compared to full adult prices. We do, however, intend to scrap the differential between terracing and stand season tickets given that seating facilities are also available in the Cowshed. This was previously for reserved seating and whilst stand season ticket holders will still have their own seats, the board does not believe this justifies a price differential.
  6. We will change from the present system of issuing season ticket books with match specific vouchers to issuing books with the appropriate number of prepaid League match vouchers. A full season ticket will now have eighteen League match vouchers and a half season ticket nine League match vouchers. The nine voucher ticket will mean those who cannot commit to coming to every home game will still be able to enjoy season ticket discounts. Likewise, a full season ticket holder who cannot manage a particular match can use the spare voucher to bring a friend (seating permitting) to another league match. Season ticket holders will still enjoy priority in terms of obtaining tickets for all ticket cup ties or away matches, prioritising full season tickets if necessary.
  7. Season ticket holders who opt to pay by direct debit will incur a charge of £20 (full) and £10 (Half) over and above the price of the ticket reflecting the charges from our direct debit facilities provider and the administration cost of monitoring the system.

Overall, we are increasing prices but are equally looking to not unduly disadvantage our own loyal fans. The cost of entry for an adult season ticket amounts to £13.88 per match at early bird prices or £15 per match after that offer expires compared to the pay at the gate price of £20 and similar savings extend across the range of season tickets. It is also the case that visiting fans will have to pay at Cappielow what our own fans have had to pay at their grounds for some time now.

In all we believe this represents a change in thinking by the club and moves us closer to having a progressive pricing structure and ticketing system fit for the 21st century.