Morton Club Together (MCT)

A big thank you to all the supporters from far and wide who have made contact with Graham McLennan and the growing team of volunteers at MCT and made pledges in support of the future of Greenock Morton Football Club.

Graham McLennan is an absolute live wire who came to us out of the blue after the recent fans Q&A evening with his own vision of how he could help the club to prosper.

He believed that he could harness support and generate greater interest from Morton fans, and the wider community, to take more ownership of the club.

We agreed that we would initially give up a 15 per cent shareholding if the supporters, galvanised by Morton Club Together, genuinely demonstrate their desire to be part of the club.

Greenock Morton is and always will be a community football club and its survival is vital to so many people from the Inverclyde area and beyond.

My family have been Morton supporters for decades but the future success and sustainability cannot be achieved without greater involvement from everyone.

There is no hidden agenda and every pledge made, however small, will go straight into the football club. We all want to see Greenock Morton thrive, which is why Morton Club Together can work.

If you also believe it can work and that together we can deliver ‘The Morton Way’ then please contact MCT today and help make Morton fit for the future.

Crawford Rae



You can visit the Morton Club Together website here or follow them on Twitter at @TonClubTogether.