Johansson pleased with determination shown

By Jonathan McQuillan

Ton boss Jonatan Johansson has admitted that Saturday’s performance against Queen of the South wasn’t the best from his team but at the same time, complimented his players for showing fight and determination not to get beat and come away with something from the last two games.

He said: “I didn’t think we were at our best today. Having played a game midweek the energy didn’t seem to be there however it was the same for Queen of the South.

“We started quite well, we had a great chance to go ahead and should have went a goal up, it would have changed the game early on.

“That was the same story against Ayr United and the same story against Partick Thistle, from that they were the better side. I wasn’t happy at all with the first half, we were playing too deep and that’s how they got their goal.

“Playing a back three we need to be brave and need to push up. We gave Kyle [Jacobs] too much time on the ball and although it was a good finish from him, we need to be pressing better to make sure he can’t get it away.

“The determination not to get beat in the second half was good, both teams created numerous chances it was an open game.

“I don’t think it was a great game of football, there was a lot of misplaced passing but the way we fought, the way we played as a team, the determination not to get beat was all good. We got our goal and I think we deserved it.

“When you look at the two games we played, it was two tough away games in four days and to not get beat in either one is good. I think Ayr United was a much better performance than today but considering how we played in the first half I was pleased with the point today.”

“The players need to know it doesn’t have to be pretty all the time, it needs to be a fight. With a league like this and how even the teams can be with so much at stake you get games like this today were it’s tough and even, sometimes the football suffers but I’m happy with the determination to come back not only today but midweek against Ayr.”