Jai gives tartan away shirt his seal of approval

Striker Jai Quitongo has given the second generation red tartan away kit his seal of approval after trying the shirt on for size after we received delivery of the updated version over the weekend.

Peter Fleming’s homage to the 1990s strip came out on top in the public vote for our competition in which supporters both created and selected the design.

The original prototype was updated based upon recommendations from our fans, and this latest incarnation will also now be tweaked with a few minor alterations after taking player feedback into consideration, including a change to the feel of the collar.

After trying the jersey on, Quitongo told gmfc.net: “I think the strip is really nice and thought it was better in person than it was in graphic design and the pictures.

“I would have voted for the red tartan myself – everybody loves a bit of tartan – and it was good for the club to get the fans involved and let them pick what they wanted and have their say.”

The 19-year-old is currently undergoing rehabilitation as he works his way back to full fitness following knee surgery at the beginning of January, and he gave an update on his progress.

He explained: “I’m on the bike, strengthening my muscles, and it’s going really well. I saw professor Gordon McKay last week and he said I’m doing fantastically well and I’m at the stage I should be, maybe even a wee bit beyond it, with my rehab. I’m feeling positive.”


Image: Jonathan Mitchell