It will be surreal to see players wear my design

Stunned season card holder Gavin MacIntosh expects it will be a surreal experience to see the team he supports turn out in the strip he created at his computer.

After a process that involved narrowing down by a panel of club officials followed by two rounds of voting by fellow fans, Gavin’s hexagonal-based hooped design came out on top in our 2018/19 home kit competition.

The 29-year-old was blown away to simply view a club video in which Michael Doyle – whose kit he sponsors, by coincidence – was wearing the shirt and talking about it being his favourite at the final-four launch.

And so he almost cannot imagine how it will feel to see the full squad run out sporting his design as the club’s official kit for a full campaign.

He told “To just get to the final 12 was amazing. From there, I really wholeheartedly hoped to make the final four – because then the club physically make a prototype.

“It was difficult to wrap my head round the fact that there would be a Morton strip made that I had designed, even if it didn’t go anywhere and it was just for me to keep.

“When it got to the final four I couldn’t believe it and had to physically go into Smiths to see it with my own eyes. But the biggest thing for me was seeing one of the players wearing it.

“Michael Doyle wore it in a video interview with yourself on the club’s official YouTube channel, and he had it on saying it was his preferred choice and that he liked.


“I’m actually Michael’s away kit sponsor this season – I’m pretty certain he doesn’t know that either – so that was a massive bonus for me.

“I was gobsmacked, and if that’s the way I felt to see one player wearing it then I’ll be absolutely bowled over to see the full team wearing it.

“It will be surreal to see the team that I support, the team that I come to see every single week, home and away, wearing something I’ve designed. It’s been unbelievable and I just really hope people like it and buy it.”


Image: Jonathan Mitchell