Home kit competition final four revealed

The ballot is closed, the votes are tallied and we can reveal the designs selected by our supporters as the final four in our home kit competition.

There were so many great and unique creations catering for all tastes and that was reflected in the voting, which was relatively evenly shared across the board.

But there were four that proved just that bit more popular than the rest of the pack, and those were the shirts created by Stuart Storar, Gavin McIntosh, Jon Campbell, and Aimee McGinty.

Stuart’s sleek, sloping hooped design incorporating a subtle saltire was entered via Twitter, and it’s popularity on the social media site has been reflected in the voting.

Gavin’s creation uses a more traditional variation of the hoops but with the twist of the blue bars gradually fading towards the bottom of the shirt.

Jon also spiced up the hoops in a slightly similar way, having them fade from a what is close to a solid blue block on the left to increasingly individual and smaller circles on the right.

Imaginative St Joseph’s Primary pupil Aimee McGinty, 11, went in a totally different direction and opted for unique diagonal hoops, sloping from left to right and punctuated by a yellow pin stripe.

This final four now go into production, with our kit manufacturers Vision immediately turning their attentions to producing the unique prototypes. to go on display in Smiths of Greenock for that all-important final ballot.

They then go on public display in Smiths of Greenock for that all-important final ballot on Thursday 14 December, with the opportunity to vote in Smiths, or in the Greenock Telegraph, where votes will count double.

Finally, voting will close on Monday 18 December, at which point votes from the newspaper and those registered at Smiths will be counted and the winner announced.