Final dozen away kit designs unveiled

The Greenock Telegraph today exclusively unveiled the 12 entries to make the final cut from the original 726 whittled down by our judges in our exciting away strip competition.

Voting begins today and you can register your choice for next term’s kit using the coupon which will be on page three of the Telegraph every day, with voting open now through until 6 November.

All votes should be handed in or posted to the Telegraph office in Crawfurd Street by that date. At that point, the four strips with the highest number of votes will be created and put on public display in Smiths in West Blackhall Street on 9 December.

Voting will then reopen, with the opportunity to vote in Smiths of Greenock for free, or in the Telegraph, where votes will count DOUBLE.

Finally, voting will close on 16 December, at which point votes from the paper and those registered at Smiths will be counted and the winner announced.


Image courtesy of the Greenock Telegraph