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Favourite social media platform? Has to be Twitter.

Are your accounts private or public? Public.

Are any of your social media accounts verified? No chance.

Do you unfollow/unfriend when someone unfollow/unfriends you? No, I don’t. I don’t know even notice when people unfollow me. Probably happens a lot, though, with the nonsense I talk.

Have you ever deleted/deactivated an account and why? No I have not.

How many followers do you have on Twitter/Instagram? 1,913 on Twitter and 2,383 on Instagram.

Most famous follower? Gonna have to say Charlie Adam or Chris Millar.

Any interactions with anyone famous? No, there hasn’t been.

Have you ever gone viral? My tweet with the most retweets is a picture I put up after Dundee put Dundee United out of the cup last season.

What’s your worst social media sin? Jack [Iredale] would say deleting pictures – but it’s probably tweets about shows like Hollyoaks that let me down.

Share your last DM with us … I shared a tweet with Connor Bell. Hilarious but probably not acceptable to be shown.

Do you throw retweets/likes/shares around like confetti or are they hard earned? A like is easily earned as I have a wee chuckle to myself even if something is remotely funny, but a retweet is a different story.

Funniest team-mate on Twitter? That’s difficult as there’s not a lot of decent banter produced from the boys, but I’d say Robert Thomson, or big Derek; he makes me laugh.

Which team-mate is the best on social media and why? Chris Millar is interesting, but I enjoy a look at Reghan Tumilty’s Instagram. He’s a happy guy.

Which team-mate is the worst on social media and why?  I want to say Jack because he came for me, but you can’t look past Connor Bell’s old gym picture.

Which team-mate is obsessed with social media? I see Gary Oliver just scrolling a lot.

What’s the nicest thing a supporter has ever said to you on social media? There’s not a single one that sticks in my mind but I got a lot of nice messages from Dundee fans after scoring twice against Hearts last season.

What’s the funniest insult a supporter has aimed at you on social media? After I won young player of the year last season, a fan asked how much I bribed everyone to win it. I enjoyed that.

Share your last Instagram image with us and caption it … ‘One of these men didn’t last long after this was taken’

Recommend an account everyone should follow and tell us why? @decentpatter on Twitter. If you’re feeling down, give it a wee watch.

Have you ever have had a YouTube channel? No.

Do you have a YouTuber you watch regularly? No I don’t, but I enjoy watching videos like Top 10s of stuff to keep me well educated.

What hashtag should be used to promote this interview? #GreatRead


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