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Favourite social media platform? I post most on Instagram but I’ll spend more time on Twitter.

Are your accounts private or public? Twitter and Instagram are both public.

Are any of your social media accounts verified? I’m not verified, but hopefully one day.

Do you unfollow/unfriend when someone unfollow/unfriends you? Nope. I don’t really keep track of who unfollows me.

Have you ever deleted/deactivated an account and why? Never deleted or deactivated.

How many followers do you have on Twitter/Instagram? 942 on Twitter and 1,277 on Instagram

Most famous follower? Steven Nzonzi followed me once but unfollowed straight away – obviously a mistake. ? So I don’t really have anyone that famous who follows me. I’d probably say Hibs’ Jamie Maclaren; he’s got a fair few followers.

Any interactions with anyone famous? My mum had a little interaction with Judy Murray after I scored against Dumbarton last season. Does that count? ?


Have you ever gone viral? The most viral thing I’ve been involved in would have to be when I scored the goal against Dundee United. My social media was constant for quite a while after that one. I was pretty pleased with it!

What’s your worst social media sin? My worst social media sin has to be some of the absolute barnets I have during my first few posts on Instagram. The fashion’s pretty rotten too.

Share your last DM with us … That was my girlfriend sending me puppies on Twitter. I think she’s dropping hints.

Do you throw retweets/likes/shares around like confetti or are they hard earned? Retweets are hard to come by, definitely need to be earned, but if something makes me laugh, I’ll like it.

Funniest team-mate on Twitter? Big Thommo tweets some funny things that I appreciate.

Which team-mate is the best on social media and why? Uncle Midge; he’s always up to something when he’s not at football.

Which team-mate is the worst on social media and why?  This has to be Kerr, because I swear if he uploads something and there’s not enough likes on it he will delete it. I’ve witnessed it on at least four separate occasions in the last two weeks.

Which team-mate is obsessed with social media? Wee Gaz Oliver is obsessed with posting which cafe he’s having his lunch at every day. Must be nice to have a wallet as big as his!

What’s the nicest thing a supporter has ever said to you on social media? A supporter once called me the Australian Messi so I’m gonna take that one and run with it.

What’s the funniest insult a supporter has aimed at you on social media? The only thing I ever get is the obvious easy one – they just go straight for the ears. Big targets.

Share your last Instagram image with us and caption it … ‘My face when I see Michael Tidser get the ball 30 yards out’

Recommend an account everyone should follow and tell us why? TheF2Freestylers have an excellent YouTube channel. Two very funny guys and the stuff they do with the football is ridiculous aswell.

Have you ever have had a YouTube channel? No.

Do you have a YouTuber you watch regularly? I’ll watch Joe Santagato’s videos whenever he uploads them but I’ll usually be watching a Twitch stream if anything. Fortnite players really! TimtheTatMan or Tfue.

What hashtag should be used to promote this interview? #OutbackJacks


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