Duffy: We got exactly what we deserved – nothing

A bitterly disapppointed Jim Duffy reacts to his side’s 2-0 loss to Livingston in the first round of Irn-Bru Cup and says they got exactly what they deserved from the tie, which was nothing.


Duffy admitted his side never turned up:

“I’m bitterly disappointed. We never started the game and didn’t lay a glove on Livingston the whole night.

“We got what we deserved, which was nothing. Livingston were the better team throughout and I can’t quite understand that type of performance, because it’s so unlike us.

“We made a couple of changes, but nothing overly dramatic; all the boys have been in and around the first team, so it’s not as if we threw in all young boys.

“There wasn’t a department that played well, taking Derek Gaston out of it. The defence was poor, the midfield looked dead on their feet, and up front there was no spark.

“I feel like the fans in a sense – frustrated. I’m angry, and I think if the players are honest with themselves, they’ll know they totally underperformed tonight.”

Morton conceded two preventable goals, but it was more the reaction to them rather than the way they were conceded that angered the Ton boss:

“The first one is a mistake, but mistakes can happen in football. I’m not so worried about the mistake, it’s the response and the reaction.

“We had no reaction. Normally if we’ve made errors, we’ve had a really positive reaction from the players, but tonight there was nothing. I didn’t think we were up for the fight.

Duffy worked with David Hopkin during his time as Ton 20s coach and had words of praise for his old colleague as well as wishing Livingston luck in the next round. He concluded:

“Livingston were terrific. They’re on a great run of form and playing with real enthusiasm and determination.

“The manager changed it around tonight quite significantly and he got the perfect response: players throwing the gauntlet down and showing he’s got a strong squad.

“So all credit to Davie Hopkin and Livingston. They thoroughly deserved their victory and we wish them well in the next round.

Image: Gary Bradley