Donated Ton kit finds new home in rural Rwanda

We were recently delighted to learn that one of our donated home kits has found a new home with a primary school pupil in rural Rwanda.

Seven-year-old Amiable attends Faith and Hope Primary, a school situated an hour’s drive from the central African nation’s capital city Kigali.

And it was Port Glasgow native Martin Hutchison, who has been involved in fundraising in the country for over a decade, who spotted the primary two pupil proudly wearing his TFG shirt from the 2002/03 season.

Martin told “My link with Rwanda goes back to 2004 when I organised the national commemoration at the Amahoro Football Stadium for the 10th anniversary of the Rwandan Genocide.

“Whilst in Rwanda this summer, I visited a rural school, Faith and Hope Primary, and it was during one of the classroom lessons I noticed a little boy wearing a Morton strip.

“I grew up in Port Glasgow and spent my childhood at Cappielow so was surprised and delighted. The boy is called Amiable and had his top on every day. Looking back at old photos he also had it on last October.

“Together in Sport, a charity set up by an Edinburgh teacher, has been sponsoring Amiable to go to school for four years after he was identified as one of the most in need pupils due his family living in severe poverty.

“The sponsorship provides Amiable with his school fees and all supplies and also sees him receive two hot school meals a week.

“They are currently trying to raise £20,000 to build a well, as the school has no fresh water and they rely on rain water, and so far they have raised £12,000 towards the cost so have another £8,000 to find.”

To find out more about Together in Sport, you can visit their website here:


Image: Martin Hutchison