Derby Day Memories – Alex Samuel

Swansea loan striker Alex Samuel came off the bench to score a last-minute equaliser in a televised derby in November 2015 and insists the way he rescued a 1-1 draw so late on meant it felt more like a victory.

The 21-year-old, who is now with Stevenage Borough, explained:

“I was buzzing really. Denny Johnstone had a great shot that the keeper saved well. I was just in the right place at the right time to put it home. It wasn’t the best goal you’ll see, but a goal’s a goal, you know?

“It was a draw obviously but when you get it so late like that it feels like a victory. But we also deserved a lot more from the game.

“We did not deserve to lose! To get a draw was excellent in the circumstances but it was also the least we deserved.

My wife’s parents, Angela and Martin, came up to see me. They’d seen me play before but that was the first time they had come up to Scotland to see me, and they loved it.

“I joined a couple of games after the first derby of that season so I didn’t experience the home game, and was surprised by it.

“It was a really feisty game and I thought our support was fantastic. The atmosphere was really good and I was really excited for my chance to come on and do something.

“All players love playing in a derby because the adrenaline is up and you want to do well for your club – for Morton – and the supporters.”


Image: David Bell