Club Update | Home Matches

As we look forward to Saturday’s massive game against Inverness, we wanted to provide a short update on behaviour at games.

The club are aware of numerous instances at recent games involving youngsters which are completely unacceptable. This includes the throwing of objects and spitting.

The perpetrators being under 18 obviously makes this a difficult situation for stewards, but the club are completely unwilling to have these incidents taking place.

From Saturday, we will be taking additional steps to try and eradicate this behaviour. Anyone caught conducting themselves in an unacceptable way will be removed from the stadium.

This behaviour is having a negative impact on our loyal supporters who come every week and will not be tolerated.

We absolutely want to encourage young people to come along to games, and we are also very aware that this is a minority of those attending. The majority of under 18s attend Cappielow and behave impeccably and we are proud that they will be our future fans.

Should anyone witness anything that they believe constitutes unacceptable behaviour, we would ask that you report this to your nearest steward.