Club Statement | SFA Disciplinary Tribunal

The club can confirm that we have been disciplined for a breach of the SFA regulations in relation to a recent match played in Glasgow. The breach was brought to our attention after the game, and we immediately accepted that an error had been made in the facilitation of this match. We accepted responsibility for the breach and asked for an accelerated hearing to resolve matters quickly. The club has been fined £750, but payment of the fine has been suspended until the end of the season on the assumption that we do not breach these rules again. If we adhere to the rules for the rest of the season, no fine will be payable.

Contrary to the sensationalist and inaccurate report in today’s Daily Record, there was no Covid breach, the club was not dragged before the compliance tribunal at Hampden today, and we never faced the possibility of having the “book thrown at us”. Rather, last week’s tribunal was very supportive and understanding of the position of the club in this matter.

The club would like to thank the SFA and the compliance unit for the courteous and sympathetic way in which this matter has been handled.