CAFE Week of Action 2019

Greenock Morton Football Club is pleased to celebrate the CAFE Week of Action 2019 – Total Football #TotalAccess.

Over 15% of the global population is disabled, which means that there is more than one billion disabled people alive today.

The Centre for Access to Football in Europe (CAFE) works to improve access and inclusion within football, so that disabled people are welcomed at all levels across the game from the grassroots to the boardrooms.

Every year since 2013, CAFE has hosted an annual celebration of disabled people and the important roles that they can play within the game.

The CAFE Week of Action has grown year-on-year, and Greenock Morton FC is delighted to take part in this year’s campaign and to thank our disabled fans for their continued loyalty and support.

We are proud to join other clubs, national associations, disabled fans and Disabled Supporters Associations from across Europe in celebrating Total Football #TotalAccess.

Football is the world’s most popular sport, and so it is vital that disabled people are able to take their rightful places within the game as fans, players, coaches, employees, administrators, leaders and decision makers.

Total Football #TotalAccess is not just a motto – it is the standard that the game should be aspiring to achieve. Only when football is fully accessible, inclusive and welcoming can we truly call it ‘the beautiful game’.

Greenock Morton FC is committed to a game that does not discriminate, and we welcome you to join us in celebrating Total Football #TotalAccess during the CAFE Week of Action.

For more information about CAFE and the CAFE Week of Action, visit, email, call +44 (0)208 065 5108, or find them on Facebook (@cafefootball), Twitter (@cafefootball) and Instagram (