1. Entrants enter the same 4 numbers between 1 – 30 on both halves of the lotto ticket, returning the side with their name and contact details to the agent/club and retaining the other half. Tickets incorrectly completed, altered or defaced will be treated as void.
  2. The Draw will take place every Tuesday at 4pm at Cappielow Park, a lotto outlet or other pre-named place. Every effort will be made to contact Agents in the unlikely event there is any change to this arrangement. Any Lotto tickets entered after 4pm will be void.
  3. The four numbers marked and the date on the Lotto ticket must match the numbers drawn for that date to win. Should there be more than one correct entry the jackpot will be shared equally between the winners. The jackpot will increase each week (if it is not won) by £500, to a maximum of £20,000. Once this has been won, the jackpot returns to £1,000.
  4. 3 correct numbers from the four drawn, then that ticket holder wins share of £250 or if there are more than 25 winners £10 each.
  5. All prizes must be claimed within 7 days of the draw date by contacting the Club on 01475 723571 ext 27 or by emailing commercial@gmfc.net.
  6. All wins will be paid by cheque after 7 days have lapsed.
  7. 3 number wins will be paid by cheque.
  8. All cheques will be made payable to the entrant named on the ticket. The entrants name must be his/her legal name. All entries without a legitimate name will be void.
  9. Tickets will be collected from agents (who have pre-arranged this with lottery management) on Tuesdays between 9am and 4pm.
  10. All tickets, monies and unused tickets must be returned to the Lottery office by 4pm on the Tuesday dated on the ticket.
  11. Public holidays: It is the agent’s responsibility to ensure that all tickets and monies are returned to the Lottery Office by 4pm on the day of the draw. Unless pre-arranged with Lottery Management.
  12. 10% commission will earned by each agent based on their individual sales.
  13. Agents earn 10% of any jackpot winning ticket sold by them. Should there be more than one correct entry the commission will be shared equally among agents with winning tickets.
  14. “Morton Super Lotto” is licensed by Inverclyde Council.
  15. Proceeds from the Lotto will go towards the development of Greenock Morton Football Club.
  16. The decision of Greenock Morton Football Club is final.
  17. Jackpot winners are required to participate in any required publicity.